A Critique. Blog Post #1

As a college student I enjoy spending my time procrastinating doing my homework. I pass the time by surfing the web to find any funny article or video to prevent me from actually writing that ten page art history paper. The website I frequent the most is www.collegehumor.com. CollegeHumor is a website that puts out hilarious original articles and sketch comedy videos made by the staff who run the website. They also have a section for users of the site to post funny pictures and videos for the whole community to view.

Here is a screen caption of what is above the fold on the main CollegeHumor page.

The main page shows the top rated and staff picked videos, as the viewer scrolls down they get a glimpse of the newest CH orignal videos and articles. To access other specific areas of the site the viewer is easily informed when they visit the site that they must go to the top banner to view more videos, pictures, articles, hotlinks and more. Another nifty thing which is slightly new to the site is the thin black CHMedia banner at the top. The first link will give you a history of the site and the other links will direct you to the other websites that CHMedia owns and runs such as Dorkly, Sportspickle, TodaysBigThing, and Bustedtees.

Even though I absolutely despise the giant advertisements that take up the frame boarder of the webpage, I do believe that College Humor is a successful website. Following the rules of C.R.A.P, CollegeHumor’s website successfully shows contrast between the ads and the actual content. Let’s compare with a similar site called Topless Robot.

On the left we can tell that the content that is meant to be viewed is grouped together and boxed in with a light blue highlight that contrasts with the ads and even the white space. While on the right, everything seems to have a blue/grey tone that shows no contrast between the featured videos, articles or advertisements.

Another thing that CH is successful with is repetition because they use a grid when laying out the content of the website. Each page is consistent in layout which unifies all the different content to the same site. CollegeHumor’s use of the grid and repetition helps the viewer navigate the site.

Alignment is also achieved with the use of the grid, the text on the banners align with the content of the web page and even in this page the four larger videos align with the six smaller videos below it (also an example of Hierarchy).

The last but not least thing that determines a successful website is proximity. We can compare CollegeHumor again with Topless Robot and see that the grouping and spacing between the four videos shows that they belong together and not to be grouped with the advertisement because it is spaced further apart. If we look at Topless Robot to the right, the banner of links are very close to the videos at the top and pretty much all the videos, articles, and ads are grouped tightly together when they shouldn’t be. The poor proximity makes it harder for the viewer to visually separate the information, making it harder to navigate the page.

Overall, CollegeHumor is a successful website because the content caters to the interests of young adults age 18-34 which are the target audience. The layout is consistent and easy to navigate while still having contrast to keep us away from boredom. So, if you’re ever in need of some entertainment and a good laugh, definitely check out this site.


One thought on “A Critique. Blog Post #1

  1. Blake Coglianese says:

    Great analysis! Well-thought out and includes plenty of screenshots that help support your analysis.

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