Blog Post #5 | Single page web sites

The Concept

The concept of a single page web page is to communicate information to the viewer and easily navigate them through the page without having to take them to another page. Single web page designs are a great way to creatively display or advertise a specific product or service, show a portfolio, or even communicate a small amount of information. There are many creative examples of single page web pages that are fun, interactive, highly effective and usable. There are also some that can look really cool but be confusing as well.

Thumbs up!

MOAA site
After looking at many impressive single web page designs I came across MOAA Architects. I thought this site best utilized the single page concept. When you enter the site there are only five large links to navigate you to the rest of the information. A really interesting feature about this site is that the hover for each link is unique because when you hover, new words appear that describe what each section has to offer before you click. When you do click on one of the links, a new section appears below. For example, when I click the projects section more information appears showing picture links of various projects. When you click on a picture more information appears above about that project. The MOAA site may not be colorful, or have flash animation but the way MOAA organizes and displays their information into a one page site really impressed me.

Thumbs down

It was really hard to find a one page site that I didn’t really like, but there was one in particular that didn’t seem to impress me and didn’t really utilize the one page site to their advantage. The site I am talking about is Cubamoon Creative. This one page site is separated into four small sections and you can already see two above the fold. The overall aesthetic of the site is weak to me. The colors chosen for the site are dark and have limited contrast from the backgrounds and the text making it hard to read. The vector graphic for the site isn’t really helping either, it makes the site look rather amateur. Even though the site is short enough to just scroll down, I thought it would better to have some fragment identifier navigation at the top, instead they chose to just have an arrow for each section to direct them back to the top of the page. Although having the arrow in the first two sections is unnecessary because they are already above the fold, so clicking the arrow doesn’t do anything. To make this site a little bit better I would add some more contrast to the site and I wouldn’t use condensed text. I would also add links for fragment identifiers for each section and make the first section take up the entire above the fold.

The Blow

The band I want to design a one page site for is called “The Blow.” The blow is an electro pop indie band. Aside from liking their music, the blow doesn’t really have an official site. They have a myspace, and a bio through their record company and on the indie music database. All of which are not really designed well at all, in a sense that they don’t really show the spirit of the band. The myspace site is organized well with a side navigation for the different sections for the band, but again does not give the band any kind of personality. I can picture doing a really fun site that embodies the spirit of their music.

The Blow on Myspace

The Blow on K records


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