Blog Post #6 | Final Project Visual Research


106,000 aluminum cans are used every 30 seconds. Reading this statistic really got me thinking about how much we use items that are recyclable materials and don’t actually recycle. It also got me thinking about alternative ways we can recycle things such as cans and bottles without even throwing them into the trash or recycling bin.




When looking at websites for design inspiration, I was paying a lot of attention to the navigation. After quickly glancing at the homepage, the next thing the user does is look at the navigation. The navigation I was most attracted to was navigation that included icons and text either together or just showing he text and then an icon in the hover.
For example, The website HelloGiggles has horizontal navigation that has both text and icons. HelloGiggles website
Another website that does a similar thing with their navigation is carsonified-grow

This website has horizontal navigation in the top right corner. When just looking at the site the links are just white text but when you hover over them, there is an icon that appears above the text and that same icon has a selected state that stays active when you’re on that page. The reason I chose to show this site is because I would like to try something like this for my site about recycling. I also like the aesthetic, typography and illustration in the site.


When I first thought about how I wanted my site organized it looked a lot like the One site when I pictured it in my head. I still like this organization and I feel that it would be easy to use by my viewer. with the logo up top horizontal navigation, large image relating to topic and smaller sections with picture links.

When trying to find some other websites for some inspiration on how I would go about other options for organizing my content, I came across a website called Tommy. I thought they had a visually interesting style as well as an interesting way of displaying their information with use of grid, color, type, photos, and hover effects.

Both these sites are very different, but I think they both display very good ways of organizing information on a website and show good hierarchy.


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