Blog Post #8 | File Organization

Photoshop Organization

In class we talked a lot about the importance of file organization and recently how to design our websites in Photoshop. Not only is it important that our files in Dreamweaver are organized, it’s important that our Photoshop files are organized as well. I guess I would call myself a hypocrite for talking about the importance of file organization, especially in Photoshop because I am very guilty of not giving my layers unique names and even putting them in folders sometimes. Which is why the website called the Photoshop etiquette for web designers site would be perfect to talk about in the last blogpost because we are all designing our final project sites and using our Photoshop comps as our main tool to do so. This well designed one page website reinforces all the tips we learned in class not only about file organization but design tips and practices as well.

The Photoshop Etiquette Manifesto for Web Designers
One of the things I like about this site is the side navigation that works as the facebook and twitter links that looks like the Photoshop tool bar. It’s really creative and sticks with the Photoshop theme of the site.

The site is broken up into eight different categories: External File Organization, Internal File Organization, Type, Images, Filters, Design Practices, Before Exporting, and Exporting.

The section I want to focus on is Internal File Organization. This section is broken up into five main tips.

internal file organization

  1. Name layers and name them appropriately
  2. Use Folders
  3. Delete unnecessary layers
  4. Globalize common elements
  5. Use layer comps and smart objects

example of how to properly name your layers

These tips seem easy enough to follow, but if actually done, can make working so much easier.

I would definitely recommend that everyone in class take a look at this site and bookmark it because having these tips in mind will help you be more productive and make building your site easier in the long run.


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